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Claire Martin, OBE


Claire has released more than 20 albums on the prestigious Glasgow based Linn Records label since signing in 1990, collaborating with musical luminaries including Martin Taylor, John Martyn, Stephane Grappelli, Kenny Barron, Richard Rodney Bennett and Jim Mullen.

  • Songs And Stories
    Songs And Stories
  • Claire Martin - Believin' it
    Believin' it
  • Claire Martin & Jim Mullen 'Bumpin''
  • Claire Martin - We've Got A World That Swings
    We've Got A World That Swings
  • Claire Martin, Time and Place
    Time And Place
  • Claire Martin - Say It Isn't So
    Say It Isn't So
  • Claire Martin - Too Much In Love To Care
    Too Much In Love To Care
  • Claire Martin - Witchcraft
  • Claire Martin - A Modern Art
    A Modern Art
  • Claire Martin - The Early Years Anthology
    The Early Years Anthology
  • Claire Martin - He Never Mentioned Love
    He Never Mentioned Love
  • Claire Martin - When Lights Are Low
    When Lights Are Low