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Claire Martin, OBE

Well Versed

Claire Martin & Elaine Crouch

Well-Versed offers bespoke learning opportunities and career guidance, through a variety of media, to jazz musicians of all levels of experience.

Well-Versed aims to guide and support musicians who are serious about developing their creative careers by sharing insights and specialist knowledge gained by Claire and Elaine during their notable experience in music and business.

Well Versed aims to be a resource for musicians and has three main objectives.

  1. To provide tailored training sessions to fit the needs of individuals or small groups where participants choose the subject matter according to their specific requirements.
  2. To design day workshops covering the ‘business end’ of a musical career for colleges and other educational establishments.
  3. To create a ‘hub’ where potential students from across the globe can be put in touch with industry experts for one to one coaching sessions via Skype.